Monday, May 30, 2011

The begining.....

Welcome to my blog, I'm really new at this so I'm planning on learning as I go along. The plan is that this blog will be about things I've made, things I'm making and things I'd like to make. But before i start all that an introduction........

I'm Aine.
Mammy to 4, Three little ladies and their little brother. DD1(T) is 8, a bit of a geek and a total bookworm! She's a very sensitive soul. DD2(N) is 6, a whirlwind, a total free spirit...the type of girl who is dressed like a princess but is always climbing trees and scraping her knees. DD3(A) is 4, a real life princess (or so she says) she likes all things girly and pink, a bit shy but well able. DS(C) is 2, a new dynamic in our pink world! He is changing all the time and finding his feet ....he loves nothing more than rough and tumble followed by cuddles :)

Wife to P... we've been couple for 15 years and married for nearly 8 of those. He's a great husband ...what more can i say!

I love lots of crafts. I suppose that began with cross stitch which I taught myself to do to keep me awake while I was on night duty. I can knit too, not very well....the most I've knit is a baby cardigan. I got a sewing machiene for my birthday last year and I'm teaching myself to sew (with the help of my favorite blogs) but I plan to get some lessons. I learned to crochet with some friends a while ago and I'm hooked :)

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