Monday, May 30, 2011

follow your dreams

This is the project that started it all.

I'd bought the 'follow your dreams' sign months before the finished project but it lay on a shelf above our bed until I came up with this.

I knew I wanted it to be hung on the wall facing you as you come down the stairs, as a kind of motivation for us. The idea for the letters was floating around my head for a while until I came across something similar on another blog (not sure which one..i was new to blogs at the time and a bit of a blog hopper)

I got my Dad to cut the letters from mdf. I covered each one in fabric that 'meant' something. P's was his first business shirt, mine from the first duvet on 'our' bed, the girls from the bedding of each of their nurseries and C's from his first newborn sized shirt (after 3 girls that was a bit of a novelty).

Even though I've cross stitched or quite a while this was my first crafty project, and it's given me the craft bug.


  1. Hey Aine!!
    The blog looks great!! Im very, very interested!! Cant wait to follow you on your 'crafty' journey!!!

  2. That is so sweet that you used fabric that means something to you all.

  3. This is so cute :O I love it Aine!

  4. Wow, how creative and what a great story behind it! :) May I ask where you bought the 'follow your dreams' sign?